Gluten Free Romania>Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu

Below is a gluten free map of Romania.

Information for the map is from the following sources:

– Celiac/gluten free facebook groups

– Tripadvisor site (according to my consideration)

– Bloggers

Also, I contacted Natalie, who lives in Bucharest, a celiac herself, owner of Nataliaglutenfreecake (baking at home and selling to customers) and added her recommendations to the map.

These are her recommendations:

– In the restaurants you can eat meat, salads – without sauces.

– In the La mama restaurant you can find the best gluten free food, but there is always a chance of cross contamination.

– You can always eat polenta with cheese or sour cream.

– Best gluten free cafe is Minunifaragluten.

– In some supermarkets you may find, in the refrigirator, gluten free pizza. Best options are at the Auchan chain of supermarkets.

I added all of Natalie’s recommended places, on the map.


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