Gluten Free Croatia

Below is a gluten free map of Croatia.

In Croatia  there is a low awareness of gluten sensitivity/celiac, hence you have to “do your homework” before you visit this country.

The map I prepared is based on the following information sources:

celiac/gluten free Facebook groups

Croatian Celiac Association –

Bloggers’ recommedations

You may see the information source in the notes for each place.

The map consists of several layers (for example, the first layer is “100% gluten free”). You can see the layers in the menu of the map.

You may display or hide each layer by checking or unchecking the check box in the map’s menu.


Croatian Celiac Association mentions that tourists may order gluten free products to the place where they are staying in Croatia. You should contact the suppliers below, 10 days before you arrive to Croatia.

In order to make the order, you have to know where you are staying and who will collect it. You will pay in the local currency when the products are supplied.

You may order from the following suppliers:

Supplier 1:

GM PHARMA ; Velika cesta 74, 10 020 Zagreb,

tel. ++ 00385 1 6234 053, fax: 6260 667, e-mail:

Products:  Hammermuhle, Mantler, Wass,…

Supplier 2:

“Pretti”, Rupa 42, 51214 Šapjane, tel: 051 732 437; 732 120; Fax: 051 732 102; GSM: 098 523 139;

Products: Schar

Supplier 3:

“Arranka”, Cernik 64a; 51 219 Čavle (near Rijeka); tel. ++ 00385 51 250 256

Half baked gluten free bread, fresh bread, bakery goods


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