Gluten Free Thailand

Below is a gluten free map of Thailand. The map is based on information from the following sources:

blogger’s site – roadaffair

facebook celiac/gluten free groups

attractions as described in planetware

When you visit Thailand, Roadaffair blogger recommends, to be careful with the sauces that Thais use: “In Thai cuisine soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce and mushroom sauce are used in almost every dish. Unfortunately, wheat is commonly found in soy sauce, some fish sauces (although the commonly used fish sauce brand does not use wheat), oyster sauce and mushroom sauce. Sometimes the oyster and mushroom sauces use cornstarch instead of wheat, but still contain soy sauce, so please be aware of that! If you think you can just point at a bottle and tell the street vendor not to add it, think again. Most street vendors don’t have sauces in their original bottles laying around, just a huge container with a dark sauce, which will have you pondering what did they just add to the dish! With that being said….”.

The blogger recommends to buy your own gluten free sauces (Megachef  in Thailand shops) and bring them to the restaurants. You may buy them in Bankok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

Some more useful recommendations:

-Take a thai cooking class – for example: Mama Noi in Chang Mai.

-Pay attention to the scrambled eggs in your brunch – in Thailand they add soya to the mixture.

-Some smoothies that are sold on the streets, contain Oreo, thus have risk of cross contamination.

*Some notes for places are not in english. They will be translated later. The map’s menu is in english*


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