Gluten Free Russia>Moscow

Below is a gluten free map of Moscow, Russia.

The map displays also attractions in Moscow.

Most of the information for the map is from Russian bloggers (in the note for each place, you have a general translation I made from russian). I also added some places from tripadvisor and yelp, to my consideration (explanations in notes for each place).

If you travel to Russia, you have to bring a translation card, explaining what Gluten Free is, in russian. In spite of the lack of awareness, I found a lot of places where you can eat and enjoy in Moscow – pasta, hachapuri (!), meat dumplings in the soup – all of those will make your staying much better. ….and by the way, “zefir” is gluten free.

The map consists of several layers and you can display or hide a layer simply by checking a box in the map’s menu.

Layer 1: Marked menu or know gluten – these restaurants most likely have allergens’ marks in the menu.

Level 2: Anderson chain – the chain has a dedicated gluten free menu, also good cross contamination awareness

Level 3: No gluten free menu, but you can understand from different sources that they have GF –  each place has a note that explains why it was added

Level 4: No dedicated GF menu, but have options like meat and fish.

Level 5: Supermarkets – where you can buy gluten free products.

Level 6: Starbucks – one of the russian bloggers wrote that there was a good awareness (she bought a cake). I sent a request to Starbucks Russia, but didn’t receive a clear answer. Leave this chain as an option to check.

Level 7: Attractions in Moscow


*not all of the notes in the map are translated to english, but soon will be. In any case you may use the map*



You may also use those good Moscow tourist maps for attractions.




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