I am a mother of a coeliac daughter. When we started to travel, I found that it is difficult to trust different sites or applications on where we can eat a gluten free meal. The problem was not only in the unworthy information the sources supplied, but also that some countries, like Russia, didn’t have information at all. I decided to solve the problem myself, and started to search the net for a trust worthy information, and created gluten free maps accordingly.

The maps are based only on bloggers’, coeliac and gluten free facebook groups’ recommendations, or any other trusted sources, like the restaurant menu itself.

I know very good coeliacs’ priorities and how the decision “where to eat” is being made. This is the reason why in most of the maps, the first layer will always be “100% Gluten Free restaurants”.

The maps that still do not contain this layer, will have it soon. I am always working and improving the maps.

The other layers in the maps are :

layer 1: “GF menu” – Gluten Free menu or know what gluten is

layer 2: “GF options but no GF menu”

Some maps also display attractions (layer 3). These are made in order to navigate easily in the city and see what restaurants are close to the specific attraction that you visit.